Lee Cole
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

In June 2011, Calavo took a big step, leveraging its brand strength and logistics capabilities by acquiring Renaissance Food Group (RFG), a key player in a high-growth industry.

The addition of RFG became a cornerstone of what Calavo refers to as “A Family of Fresh Foods”, with their focus on developing, marketing and distributing an expanding line up of fresh products that target the needs of today’s consumers for convenient, healthy and delicious fruit, vegetables and prepared food. At the time of the acquisition, analysts were already seeing a trend in this fast-growing arena, with tremendous future potential.

In the recast Calavo Foods business segment, our legacy products – fresh salsa, guacamole and hummus – align synergistically with RFG’s product offerings, allowing for greater opportunity via new and established Calavo Foods channels. We anticipate continued growth in the refrigerated fresh packaged goods category.

Today, our Family of Fresh Foods continues to expand its company footprint through RFG’s business model and outstanding execution of regionally produced products, quick-turn order fulfillment and just-in-time distribution of an ever-growing product portfolio from facilities across the country.