We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Donating time, resources and money to the causes that create a positive impact is an extension of our core values. Here are a few of the ways we give back:

RFG participated in the first annual Sacramento Farm Day, an event put on by the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom and the Dave Joerger Foundation. This event was aimed at exposing children from predominantly low-income areas around the Sacramento Region to different areas of agriculture: produce and farming, planting gardens, how cotton fabric is made, the importance of honey bees, where milk comes from, and how bugs are helpful to plants and the land. Our team handed out 1,500 units of fresh fruit to children in attendance, and they were very excited and grateful!

Check out video from the first annual event!

Crop Circles, the brainchild of Renaissance Food Group and our partners, originated in 2015, in an effort to bring awareness to the rising epidemic of food deserts in underserved communities across America. At these events, we execute pop-up farmers markets, where we provide free fresh produce and healthy education in a safe, family-friendly atmosphere. It’s our way of sharing fresh food and inspiring positive lifestyle choices in the communities we serve.

Learn more about Crop Circles!