Seminis Hosts Third Annual Watermelon Experience

MEXICO – Seminis, a subsidiary of Bayer, recently hosted its third annual Watermelon Experience. Taking place May 9, 2019, in Hemosillo, Sonora, the event brought together growers, technical advisors, and dealers from the North of Mexico to network and provide knowledge of the main market trends in the region. I spoke to René Morales, Strategic Accounts Sales, and Raina Nelson, SVP of Supply Chain for Renaissance Food Group.

“We created this event to help share information among Growers, shippers, packers, crop technicians, and processors,” René told me. “It’s a blend of people who are talking about how to make it easier for the whole process; from those who grow, to those who ship, and those who deliver. Everyone wants to make it a good standard for their sales partner.”

Watermelon is one of Bayer’s business priorities, and those who attended were treated to field visits to view the plentiful melons. (I’m jealous; watermelon is easily my favorite summertime fruit!) For the first time, the event was held outside, amongst the fields. A large domed tent shaded the attendees from the sun, where they were then treated to several informative presentations, such as the ones listed above.

Raina Nelson, SVP of Supply Chain, Renaissance Food Group

Raina Nelson, who gave a talk about fresh cut industry trends, shared what she found to be most valuable.

Raina Nelson, SVP of Supply Chain, Renaissance Food Group“The Watermelon Experience hosted by Seminis was a wonderful event that brought growers, shippers, and supply chain users like RFG together to learn, share, and network. The new varieties are very exciting and the future of watermelon is very sweet!” she shared.

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