“Grandpa Joe was a handshake guy. No signed documents, just a good old-fashioned handshake to seal the deal. We have continued in this philosophy. An opportunity has to sit right in the ol’ gut for us to move forward.”
– Jim Catchot


In downtown Sacramento, where our story begins, brothers Jim and Ken Catchot learned to love the smell of fruits and vegetables as young boys packing watermelons at their grandfather’s produce market. As they grew older, Jim and Ken followed in Grandpa Joe’s footsteps, operating their respective businesses on the foundations of honor, ethics, and trust, which were instilled in them at a young age.


Recognizing the need for fresh, the brothers partnered with longtime friend, Jim Gibson, and the three formed Renaissance Food Group. Jim, Jim and Ken knew they wanted to challenge existing industry norms, so they set out to deliver the best of the best to a market in need of creative, high quality products. In 2011, we joined the Calavo---Racetrack-01 family, expanding our opportunities and presence in the produce industry.


Through hard work and a family of passionate team members, Renaissance Food Group continues to revolutionize the fresh food industry. We are committed to crafting premium and delicious food under our Garden Highway brand that we are proud to serve to our own families. As a market leader, we promise to continue serving our customers with the same principles upon which we were founded, armed with a handshake and a gut feeling.